Professional Accomplishments


Installed a capability for the development of large-scale training systems under contract with the Fundacao Cenafor, a Brazilian governmental agency responsible for the training of instructors for Brazil.


Developed state plans for statewide early childhood development and day-care systems for Alabama and Nebraska under UEC contracts.


Developed and implemented an early childhood development and day-care system for the state of Georgia under a UEC contract with the office of Governor Carter.


Testified in the Senate hearings on the Comprehensive Child Development Act of 1971 regarding the ripple effects of early childhood education on the future years of the child’s development, and the importance of Federal funding of educational day care.


Developed a model educational day-care system for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania under a UEC contract.


Participated as a member of the National Advisory Board in the original design and planning of the Carnegie Corporation’s Children’s Television Workshop’s Sesame Street project.