Professional Accomplishments


Developed a system for training U.S. Army instructors to develop training materials that teach counseling, coaching, and leadership, under contract with the U.S. Army Research Institute.


Adapted his development process for large-scale training systems for Army use in their 22 schools under contract with the U.S. Army Training Development Institute.


Organized a consortium that included McGraw-Hill, Union Carbide, Scott Paper, HUD, and Connecticut General Life Insurance, for the development of an innovative supervisory training system.


Developed and installed large-scale training systems for the Brazilian Social Security System (INPS).


Developed large-scale training systems in administration and management, under contract with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the National Program for the Training of Executives.


Designed a model of the first computerized information storage and retrieval system, which was partly implemented in Brazil, under contract with the Institute of Technological Research, a Brazilian governmental agency for new technology.