Professional Accomplishments


Created a database of learning objectives in academic and non-academic curriculum areas, for use by learning managers to create and update students’ learning plans, manage their education, and track their progress.


Established and operated the Queens Paideia School as a prototype model of a Paideia Individualized Education (PIE) school, and created a five-year plan to demonstrate how aggregating 18 such schools can provide a novel path to K-12 school reform.


Developed a formal symbolic language for codifying behavioral contingencies (see related publications in the website’s Downloads section) generally, and specifically in the field of economics.


Developed a theory-based technology for learning and practicing skilled performance in the performing arts and sports (see paper in this website’s Downloads section).


Developed a method for placing valuations on new companies: In “Present Certainty Equivalents and Weighted Scenarios”, Journal of Business Venturing, University of Pennsylvania.


Served as Trustee of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, an organization devoted to applying behavioral science to human affairs.