Effects of Repetition Frequency on Operant Strength and Resurgence of Non-Criterial Features of Operants

This article reports five experiments on the topic of resurgence performed in the Foundation’s laboratory over a period of several years. It defines the concept of resurgence broadly as reappearance of behavior that occurred earlier in the individual’s history but not recently, and discusses the research implications of this broader definition. The methodology employed is novel in its ability to reveal differential effects on the criterial and non-criterial features of the operants studied.  [Please note that this article replaces the unpublished paper Mechner, F., & Jones, L. D. (2001). Number of prior repetitions of operants, and resurgence.]

Also available at: Mechner, F., & Jones, L. D. (2015). Effects of repetition frequency on operant strength and resurgence of non-criterial features of operants. Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis, 41, 63-83.