About Us

Advisory Board

Janet S. Twyman
PhD, Columbia University

Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and a director of the Center on Innovations in Learning. Prominent leader in educational technology and school reform, past president of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and recipient of numerous honors and distinguished awards in her field.

Philip N. Chase
PhD, University of Massachusetts

Professor of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School. Developed curricula for all levels. Served as editor and reviewer for scientific journals, co-organized international scientific conferences, and reviewed grants for federal agencies. Recipient of a Benedum Distinguished Scholar award from West Virginia University and Fulbright Scholar, Italy.

Hank Pennypacker
PhD, Duke University

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. Early innovator in instructional systems; co-creator of MammaCare technology and co-founder/CEO of MammaCare Corporation.

Stuart Margulies
PhD, Columbia University

Author of hundreds of instructional programs, curriculum resources, and behavior management systems used in schools at the K-12 levels, and of theoretical articles on instructional technology. Chess master and co-author of Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.

Lanny Fields
PhD, Columbia University

Professor of Psychology at Queens College, CUNY. Leader in research on concept learning, the formation of associations, “meaningfulness,” and instructional strategies, much of it in the context of “equivalence class formation” research.

Amol Sarva
PhD, Stanford University

Founder and CEO of numerous enterprises based on communications and wireless technology. Formerly with McKinsey & Company. Contributor to development at Queens Paideia School.

Laurilyn Jones
PhD, Oslo Metropolitan University

Worked closely with Dr. Mechner for 23 years managing the Mechner Foundation’s projects and activities, including long-running basic and applied research programs in the field of learning, and the development of several innovative educational products.  Her main research interests are described here: Laurilyn D. Jones on ResearchGate