Queens Paideia School

Queens Paideia School continues the work that Francis Mechner started at the Paideia School he founded in Armonk, NY, in 1968. Mechner, and the staff of Queens Paideia, seek to demonstrate that the Paideia Individualized Education (PIE) approach is a new and superior way to organize and operate K-12 grade schools. The 6:1 student-teacher ratio enables a team of Learning Managers to respond to every student’s unique learning needs and potential by providing customized sets of learning objectives. The driving technological tool of this approach is LearningCloud.

Students typically show impressive academic progress and rapid growth in the areas of social and self-management skills. Special emphasis is placed on the development of thinking skills and social-emotional maturation. Failure patterns are avoided because students work at their actual level of achievement in each subject and at their personal best pace. They take increasing ownership of their education as they make daily explicit commitments to achieving specific learning objectives. Many children who might elsewhere be categorized as “special needs” are integrated and mainstreamed.

Our studies suggest that when a number of PIE schools are aggregated to form a larger school in which the small schools operate as self-contained units, the benefits of the PIE model are preserved at an acceptable per-pupil cost.

For more information, visit Queens Paideia School’s website.