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The Mechner Foundation
THE MECHNER FOUNDATION is a tax-exempt private foundation established and funded by Dr. Francis Mechner as a charitable trust.

The Foundation's interests and pursuits are in the field of education, educational technology, research in the behavioral sciences, and promotion of the arts, the unifying theme of these activities being the long-term enhancement of the quality of life.

Foundation Pursuits

The foundation conducts and supports projects in education, the behavioral sciences, educational technology and the arts.

It is currently conducting a demonstration of how present-day knowledge of the learning process, educational theory, organizational theory, and psychology can be applied to the design and operation of a novel type of K-12 school. (See the article The Paideia Individualized Education Model, which can be downloaded from this website.)  The Foundation seeks to demonstrate the educational and economic benefits of aggregating a number of such schools to form a larger school.

The Foundation welcomes the possibility of collaboration with individuals and organization performing research in areas related to the Foundation's pursuits. From time to time, the Foundation has provided grants to support such research. For more information, please click here.

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The Foundation is seeking to locate the most important paintings of the Ukrainian-born painter Solomon Lerner (1890-1963) with a view to bringing his life's work to the attention of the art world.